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Date Saturday, August 9, 1890

It seems that the Cincinnati Club signed Latham with the connivance of Von der Ahe in defiance of the National Agreement waive rule, under which the American Association clubs would have had first chance to negotiate with Latham. Both the Athletic and Columbus clubs were willing and anxious to secure Latham, and neither had waived claim, nor, indeed, been asked to waive claim. Nevertheless, Cincinnati signed the man and is playing him in championship games.

It appears that during the Association meeting last winter, when the Brotherhood was after Association players, waivers were given by the various clubs upon such players as had signed, or were suspected of having signed, Brotherhood contracts, in order to make more easy the work of getting them back or transferring them to such National Agreement clubs as might enable them to just their Brotherhood contracts...

This is not the first time the American Association has suffered through an apparently legal perversion of the National Agreement, nor is it the first time its provisions have been openly violated. For instance, some of the League club are openly violating one of its most vital section by signing men to contracts for more than one year. It is sad, but true, that the much-vaunted National Agreement is not respected in the household of its friends and adherents and that its provisions are not lived up to even by those who have most to gain by its perpetuation—the club owners, for whose protection it was chiefly designed and steadily elaborated.

Source Sporting Life
Submitted by Richard Hershberger
Origin Initial Hershberger Clippings


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