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Nick Name Union
Earliest Known Date 1868
Location Matamoros, Mexico
Nine Class Senior

The Two Republics, an English language newspaper of Mexico City, reported on Nov. 20, 1869: "Base Ball on the Rio Grande. The Rio Grande Club of Brownsville played the opening game of a series with the Union Club of Matamoros, Mexico, on the grounds of the former, on Oct. 21st." Brownsville won, in a game shortened to 8 innings by darkness.

This account is probably based on the Brownsville Daily Ranchero of Oct. 23, 1869, which gives the same account and a box score. Brownsville won 29 to 22, in a game with 8 on each side. The Matamoros team comprised people with both "Anglo" and Spanish names.

The San Antonio Express, Wednesday, January 8, 1868: "The Two Republics--A match game of Base Ball was played on the Plaza, Sunday afternoon, between nine of the Matamoros club and the Brownsville club, resulting in the defeat of the Brownsville boys.--Rio Grande Courier."

Matamoros is just across the Rio Grande from Brownsville. During the Civil War Matamoros filled up with Americans, seeking to trade with (or prevent trade to) Confederate Texas. Given that fact, and the name of the club ("Union"), it is probable that the Matamoros team was inspired by Americans.


The Two Republics, Nov. 20, 1869. The San Antonio Express, Wednesday, January 8, 1868.

Found by Bruce Allardice
First in Location Mexico


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