Red Cross -- Western Russia v Red Cross -- Baltic States in 1920

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Date of Game 1920
Location Riga, Latvia
Home Team  Add Club Page Red Cross -- Western Russia
Away Team  Add Club Page Red Cross -- Baltic States

"Latvia had a brief flirtation with baseball in 1920, according to the October 10th edition of the New York Times that year. The paper recounted a game in Riga featuring members of the American Red Cross Commission of Western Russia and the Baltic States that garnered high-level political attention. 'During the third inning,' the paper wrote, 'the Prime Minister of Latvia drove onto the field. [The fielding team] whooped with joy, thinking that here was a worthy player to match [the other club's star.] Instead, the Minister-President took our first baseman away with him.'"

Josh Chetwynd, Baseball in Europe (McFarland, 2008), page 214.

First in Location Latvia
Players Locality Non-local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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