Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia v Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia on 18 November 1858

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Waff's Game Tabulation

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Date of Game Thursday, November 18, 1858
Location Philadelphia, PA, United States
Home Team Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia
Away Team Penn Tigers Club of Philadelphia
Score 24 - 23

Not everyone in Philly played town ball. "PENN TIGERS BASE BALL CLUB. – The Two Nines of this club played their first match on Monday, 13th inst, at Philadelphia, Boyce's party beating Broadhead's by only one run, the totals being 24 and 23." Unidentified clipping in the Mears collection. Facsimile provided by Craig Waff, September 2009.

Another intramural game was played on November 18 1858, according to the Clipper of November 27, 1858 (see Protoball Games Tabulation (Phil. table) compiled by Craig Waff.) Apparently a final intramural game occurred on September 30, 1859, when the club marked its anniversary.


First in Location PA
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia



1176 days ago
Score 0
the New York Clipper 6-25-1859, 8-20-59 and 10-8-59 reports on this club.

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