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Date of Game 1867
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Field  Add Field Page Richmond Park
NY Rules Likely

"[A 1908 article] refers to a game being played by Americans at Richmond Park while a major Australian Rules Football match proceeded simultaneously. He notes that the baseball game was abandoned after the football game became too exciting to miss. Another 1867 match was played soon after, this time at Yarra Park . . . [but]as with the other, it came to nothing."

Joe Clark, A History of Australian Baseball (U Nebraska Press, 2003), page 5. The 1908 source is reported as Frank Laver, Melbourne Argos.

First in Location Australia
Players Locality Non-local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia



1982 days ago
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Clark's book goes on to say that this was probably an "early form" of baseball, a predecessor-type game. The book also discusses the not-well-sourced assertion that American miners played baseball in/near Ballarat in 1857.

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