In Brazil on 30 June 1867

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Date of Game Sunday, June 30, 1867
Location Brazil

AN INTERNATIONAL MATCH.–A match played between and American and English nine, at Rio Janeiro [sic], on the 30th of July, was witnessed by an immense concourse of spectators, including many distinguished personages; among others, Prince Alfred of England, and his suite; also, many richly attired ladies. The contest was a splendid yet stubborn one; it finally resulted in the success of the Yankees, in a score of 11 to 9. The utmost good feeling prevailed throughout; and in the evening, a grand ball and supper was participated in at the American Hotel, where both parties toasted, and were highly complimentary to each other. Mr. McGowan, formerly pitcher in the Athletic Club, of Harlem, played his old position in this international affair.


New York Sunday Mercury September 15, 1867

Found by Richard Hershberger
Submission Note 19CBB Posting, Fall 2012
First in Location Brazil
Players Locality Non-local


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