Hathaway's Side v King's Side on 30 November 1859

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Date of Game Wednesday, November 30, 1859
Location Milwaukee, WI, United States
Field  Add Field Page West Wisconsin Ave and North 13 Street
Home Team  Add Club Page Hathaway's Side
Away Team  Add Club Page King's Side
Score 40 - 35
Innings 3
NY Rules Likely

The first report of baseball being played in Milwaukee is found in the Thursday, December 1, 1859, Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. The paper wrote:

BASE BALL–This game, now so popular at the East, is about to be introduced in our own city. A very spirited impromptu match was played on the Fair Ground, Spring Street Avenue, yesterday afternoon six on a side, with the following result:
1st innings2d do.3rd do.Total
J.L Hathaway0235
F.J. Bosworth4004
C. Steele4037
F. Clarke3238
L. Sexton3238
H. Sands1135
F.J. Hill1203
R. King2237
Cap. Coate3036
H. Barclay1203
J.P.C. Cottrill2115[sic!]
C.B. Allen2237
J. Ledyard2136
F.H. Hill1012
Should the weather be fair, the return match will be played on the same ground, At 2 o'clock this (Thursday) afternoon.

There is no record of this Thursday match, but we have scores for matches on December 10 (33 to 23 in favor of Hathaway's club in 5 innings, with 9 on a side) and December 17 (54 to 33, again in favor of Hathaway's club with 5 innings played; with 10 men on each side listed in the box score). The last match was played in weather that "was blustering and patches of snow on the ground made it slippery and rather too damp for sharp play."

These games took place at the State Fair Grounds, then located at North 13th and West Wisconsin Avenue. This is now part of the Marquette University Campus. The R. King in the box score is Rufus King, editor of the Milwaukee Sentinel. His grandfather, also Rufus King, was a signer of the American Constitution. Milwaukee's Rufus King was a brigadier general in the Civil War, and he would be Milwaukee's first superintendent of schools.

  • , pg 1. Milwaukee Daily Sentinal, 1859-12-01.
Found by Dennis Pajot
First in Location WI
Players Locality Local
Entry Origin Sabrpedia



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See also NY Clipper, Dec. 24, 1859 for a game played "last Saturday at the Fairgrounds." Gives box score, with Hathaway's nine defeating King's nine 33-23.

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