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Nick Name Denver Base Ball Club
Earliest Known Date Saturday, March 29, 1862
Location Denver, CO, United States

From Protoball Entry #1862.8 – Base Ball in Colorado Territory

"The first baseball games in Colorado Territory occurred in March 1862, when the Base Ball (two words back then) Club was formed. The first recorded contest happened on April 26, 1862."

Rocky Mountain News, March 13 and April 29, 1862. Cited in Brian Werner, "Baseball in Colorado Territory," in Thomas L. Altherr, ed., Above the Fruited Plain: Baseball in the Rocky Mountain West (SABR Convention Publication, July 2003), page 71. Werner identifies the game as the New York game.

Richard Hershberger, email of 1/19/2009, writes that on April 29 the [Denver CO] Daily Evening News reported on intramural game played by the Denver Base Ball Club, a likely reference to the games cited by Werner. He also notes that a March 12 issue of the Evening News referred to a "game played yesterday [that] went off well, considering that there were but two or three persons engaged who had ever played the game before, according to the New York rules, and it will take but a few more meetings to enable them to become proficient."

Bruce Allardice: The New York Clipper, June 7, 1862, "Baseball in Denver City, C.T." [Colorado Territory], says "They have quite a good club in Denver, we are informed." The article reprots on games played March 29th, and gives the names of the palyers on the two nines.

First in Location CO
First in Location Note First Club in Colorado Territory
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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1382 days ago
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The Denver Rocky Mountain News, 3-13-62, reports that last evening (3-12) 28 men formed a base ball club, and chose H.E. Rounds as chairman. Same 4-1-62 announces the meeting of the Denver BBC tomorrow afternoon.


1164 days ago
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RMN 5-3-66 reports another meeting of this club.

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