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Nick Name Little Rock
Earliest Known Date April 1857
Location Little Rock, AR, United States

The May 2nd, 1857 edition of the Arkansas Gazette printed the following resolution:

“We publish below a resolution passed by the Little Rock Ball Club. We hope the ladies, weather permitting, will honor them with their presence. We are authorized to say, that the parties we pitted against each other at the last meeting will contend for the palm at the next meeting. It was a close thing before, and both sides are sanguine of success: A meeting of the members of the Little Rock Ball Club, on Saturday, the 25th of April, the following resolution was adopted:

Resolved: A general invitation is hereby extended to the citizens of Little Rock, and the ladies in particular, to attend and see the games of the Club, on Saturday evening next, the second of May, at 3 o’clock. By order of the club, I. T. Cates, secretary"

If the Little Rock Ball Club was indeed a baseball club or even a baseball predecessor club, it would be the earliest mention of any sort of club in the state.

BA note--The game was wicket. See comments below.

Found by Caleb Hardwick
First in Location AR
Entry Origin Sabrpedia


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1191 days ago
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The "I. T. Cates" mentioned is Isaac Thomas Cates Jr. 1837-57, son of Little Rock merchant Isaac T. Cates Sr. (1803-53). The son died 2 months after this ad appeared.

Isaac's grandnephew Pratt Cates Remmel was Mayor of Little Rock.


1190 days ago
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The game played was wicket. The Little Rock Weekly Gazette, April 18, 1857 has a long article (by the umpire of the game) about the new "ball club" playing, with Dr. Huey, Dr. Case, Mr. Tate and Mr. McCowan mentioned as bowlers. "The game played was wicket, one new to us, but easily comprehended."

Base ball evidently was known to Little Rock residents. The same newspaper, Oct. 29, 1859 ran a long article from the "Spirit of the Times" on "Base-Ball Comforts." It is supposed that the paper wouldn't have run the article about base ball, unless the game was already known to readers.

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