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Nick Name Detroit
Earliest Known Date 1859 -- No Later than August 1859
Location Detroit, MI, United States

The Detroit Club is listed as an NABBP member in 1860; its season included 5 games, including two against the Franklin Club of Detroit; M. Wright, The NABBP, page 48.

The New York Mercury, June 19, 1859, reports the formation "last week" of the Detroit Base Ball Club of Michigan, John S. Newberry, President. [BA]

Detroit's population in 1860 was about 45,500, and it was the 19th largest city in the US.

As reported by Porter's Spirit in August 1859, the club played a game in Detroit against the Early Risers that year.

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Win/Loss Records As Far As We Now Know

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Year Games Wins Losses Ties
1859 1 Played 1 Won 0 Lost 0 Tied
1860 4 Played 2 Won 0 Lost 0 Tied


Page Date City Borough State Team 1 Team 2 Score First in Contributor
Ballgame 1859-08-08 Detroit MI Early Risers Club of Detroit Club of Detroit 21 - 59 MI
Ballgame 1860-05-25 Detroit MI Club of Detroit Club of Detroit 35 - 28 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-06-02 Detroit MI Club of Detroit Club of Detroit 28 - 20 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-06-21 Detroit MI Club of Detroit Detroit Cricket Club 56 - 24 Craig Waff
Ballgame 1860-07-17 Detroit MI Club of Detroit Early Risers Club of Detroit 25 - 22 Craig Waff

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